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Robin Platzer

Tax Preparer


Robin was born and raised in sunny Sarasota, Florida at the age of 16 to feed her love of fashion she decided to launch a career in the clothing Industry at a little store in Gulf Gate Mall called “ Shoes Etc.  The job paid $3.35 an hour or 20% commission whichever was higher. The owner of the establishment was an old school shoe salesman and he taught Robin everything there was to know about selling.  Through his great advice and mentoring she soon found herself averaging over $12 dollars an hour and eventually two years later at the age of 18 managing the store.

After her career with Shoes Etc. Robin moved to Tampa to manage several stores for Contempo Casuals. The first store Robin managed for Contempo  was in Westshore Mall and was ranked 240 out of 260 stores across the nation.  However last place was not an option for Robin and after introducing the concepts of suggestive selling and customer service to her newly hired team the store soon rose to the top in a little less than 12 months putting Robin in the position of the top 100 managers for Contempo Casuals for the remainder of her career.  Robin was then given the opportunity to travel frequently to other Contempo locations so she could introduce her concepts in selling and help other managers achieve their sales goals.   

After almost 5 years in junior apparel Robin set her sights on high end fashion and took a job in an exclusive concept store for Liz Claiborne. There Robin took on the role as not only Store Manager but Marketing Manager.  Robin’s store thrived under her watchful eye and once again she quickly took her team to the top beating every sales goal given. The corporate offices of Liz Claiborne then invited Robin to New York City to meet the buyers and they honored her achievements by putting her name in lights on a Liz Cliaborne billboard in New York City’s famed Time Square.  

Then came the turning point in Robin’s career when she was offered an Account Management position for a new start up wireless carrier called PrimeCo that would later become the giant telecomm Verizon Wireless. In this position Robin could utilize her sales and management skills to build a territory of her own, while taking her achievements on the road creating and presenting  sales plans to help small business owners  and big box retailers in the wireless industry succeed.  It did not take Robin long to become a  success, she did so well in fact that her stores were soon the top stores in the nation!, causing Verizon to take notice and fly their corporate national sales managers down to find out exactly what it was she was doing in her territory to achieve such amazing results.  Robin had many sales achievements with the Telecomm Giant including making the President’s Cabinet! The President’s cabinet recognizes the top 1% of the sales force in the company providing them with a luxurious trip where they can rub elbows with the CEO, COO and CMO of Verizon.  Robin achieved this honor not once but two times in her career and when she was not in the circle with the President, she was in the” Winners Circle”  an elite group recognizing those above 115% of quota,  this achievement she made 9 times in her 12 years with the company.

After almost 20 years in retail and management Robin decided to take her business achievements and knowledge and work alongside Linda to help grow her already successful  tax firm.  Robin knew that with her knowledge of running businesses and seeing what makes them successful she could soon help other business owners focus on the bottom line, and share with them what it takes to return a profit while getting the best tax breaks possible which is never easy when it comes to dealing with Uncle Sam.  Robin is currently studying for her Enrolled Agent certification and  through the help and dedication of her already loyal clientel she is already on her  way to leading one of the most successful tax offices in her industry. 


Robin has one son named Lukas, and dog named Angus, 3 adopted Parakeets and a pond full of fish.  For fun Robin plays the guitar and can hold a tune when she sings ( or so she thinks )  and recently she took Hoop lessons and just learned how to manuver a Hula Hoop not just aroung her body but over her head!

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