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Why I decided to launch My Small Business Tutor..

As an accountant and small business owner myself I am privy to the daily struggles of the small business owner. Many small business owners jump into business armed with only 2 things that is a great idea, and a strong belief in themselves. Then they get into business and they discover that they have to worry about taxes, marketing, collections, hiring, etc. And it can be extremely overwhelming!! So overwhelming in fact over 56% of small businesses fail within the first four years.

I have discovered in my last 4 years as an accountant that businesses are not failing from lack of trying, many of them fail from lack of education. You can have a master’s degree in accounting and that might make you a great accountant but it is not going to teach you how to run and maintain a successful business.

I am one of the lucky ones; I spent the first 20 years of my work life, working in the corporate sector. Corporations take the skill set of their employees very seriously, they invest billions of dollars and massive headcount to create elaborate fast track training programs to build and refine the skill set of their employees. This not only helps maintain an educated headcount within the company, corporations realize education is what will drive corporate profits to the top.

I am the lucky recipient of 20 years of corporate training! Training that turned me into a well oiled selling, planning, marketing machine!! I was well educated and ready when I took on entrepreneurship, and what I have discovered since becoming an entrepreneur is that unlike corporations, skill development is not something that is discussed in the small business community. Instead you hear “you don’t have to be the talent behind your small business, just outsource, and let the contractor be the talent”. I believe that this phrase has cost entrepreneurs thousands of wasted dollars and control over their fate. If you want to control your destiny in any career or industry you need to develop real skills! I am not saying entrepreneurs have to be an expert at every aspect of their business, but they do have to have enough information to make informed and educated decisions about their business. And that is where I want to help and that is why I am creating the website called “My Small Business Tutor”.

My plan for My Small Business Tutor will be to put together training videos, Webinars and Podcasts  that will be about 30 minutes in length that Entrepreneurs can take during their free time, that will teach them everything from how to choose the right structure for their business , getting tax deductions, to how to handle social media and much more. Knowledge is power and I want to give Entrepreneurs both.

Stay tuned as we gather all the information we need to make your small business a success.

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